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Concept Design

Technical Illustrations. New product design & development.

Highly competitive

Rates based on a hourly rate or on a fixed rate.


2D and 3D design support. Exploded views complete with itemised bills of materials.

3D Mechanical Design

Including – sheet metal, machining, plastic moulding, pipework & steelwork.


Free initial consultation. 2D Drafting Services. Operation & maintenance manuals.


3D rendering / design visualisation for company brochures and presentations.

About Us

We are a small local business based in Corsham, Wiltshire providing both cad outsourcing and in-house solutions.

Specialist design services

We provide mechanical engineering design services to all kinds of industry using 3D solid modelling technology & provide expertly engineered solutions to our clients.

Computer aided design (CAD)

Can be used throughout the design process from initial concept to final design. This allows your clients or other non technical people in your organisation to better visualise the end product.

3D or 2D exploded views, bill of materials

Exploded view complete with detailled bills of materials. Allows us to do all of the development work before manufacture rather than during manufacture, thus saving time & money.

example of our work

Broad Services

We offer comprehensive 2D & 3D computer aided design and engineering drawing services across a wide range of fields.

We Deliver

3D models from your existing 2D drawings or produce 2D drawings from your 3D models. We can work from sample components, scanned images (pdf) or from marked up drawings or sketches.

Consider Us

- To be an extension of your current engineering drawing office. We like to build relationships and work closely on projects whether you are a large company, a small company, an inventor or an entrepreneur.


We can help you across the entire CAD, Engineering Design Services, 2D & 3D Drafting and documentation business!

Here's just some of our areas of expertise:


2D and 3D design support

Out-sourcing for companies that have an occasional need for CAD.

3D mechanical design

Multiple materials & mediums

Including – sheet metal, machining, plastic moulding, pipework & steelwork.


3D rendering / design

Visualisation for projects, feasibility studies, proposals, company brochures and presentations.


Concept, Technical

Drafting Services. Concept Design. New product design & development.

Engineering Ready

Views, projections, materials requirements

3D or 2D exploded views complete with itemised bills of materials.

Flexibility, Expedience

Short notice. Your site our ours. Hourly or fixed rates.

Deadline, staff sickness, leave, competing priorities? On demand and flexible; You could consider us to be an extension of your current engineering drawing office.

Call us for a free no obligation quote or just to have a chat about your requirements.
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Our Work

example work: a1
example work: corner2
example work: Box Grout 1
example work: Front page 1
example work: Hopper 1
example work: 07
example work: Process Cell
example work: Both2

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